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No More Selfies

No More Selfies: Why Your Headshot Is More Important Than Ever

Why is a professional headshot so important? You are the face of your brand. When anyone discovers you online, they are automatically making judgments about your brand just based on what they are seeing visually. The market is always testing your brand.

In this day in age, a LinkedIn profile is just as important as an updated resume or CV and it should be treated with similar importance.

It is important to make the best impression you can and having a great, clean headshot can go a long way. Here are the 3 most important things to avoid when uploading your next headshot:

Take selfies, just don’t use them professionally. Sure iPhones and other mobile devices have great cameras, but everyone has one. If you want your profile and website to stick out from the competition, you need to invest in hiring a professional.

Don’t use a photo that is cropped from another photo. Try to avoid cropping your face from a wedding photo just because you were wearing a tux. Grab one of your suits from home and head out to the park with a photographer instead, it will probably only take about an hour of your time.

Be professional. This includes your attire and atmosphere. You don’t have to have the boring grey background like everyone else, just go somewhere that makes sense for you and be comfortable with what you wear.

Agree with any of this? Email us today about getting your next headshots taken!


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