So, you have a business. You are either selling a service or product. In the past, this was enough - this was enough to create a business and a life that was both meaningful and fulfilled.

In 2018, this is not the case. With the introduction of the internet and the  a...

On Saturday we had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of Adam and Alli on video. They were married on the waterfront of West Palm Beach and the reception location was The West Palm Beach Lake Pavilion.

We love working with other creatives! This is one of many video we have done for Krista + Home, a Palm Beach based interior designer.

Check out "How To Make A Beautiful Bed"

December 19, 2017

In early November 2017, Earthwalker Media had the pleasure of photographing TWO weddings back to back in Negril, Jamaica at The Royalton.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the most memorable images from that weekend!

No More Selfies: Why Your Headshot Is More Important Than Ever

Why is a professional headshot so important? You are the face of your brand. When anyone discovers you online, they are automatically making judgments about your brand just based on what they are seeing visu...

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