Earthwalker Media specializes in photo and video content - through organic storytelling we tell the story of your brand and life.


meet kenrick

My name is Kenrick Mills and I am the owner of Earthwalker Media. 


For the past 7 years I have been creating video and photo content to help businesses sell their products and services more efficiently. 


Earthwalker Media has grown to become a group of creative individuals ranging from videographers, video editors, photo editors, and designers.


There is no denying that content marketing  is a powerful tool in today's market. I have worked for over 100 different companies and have produced hundreds of videos to be implemented into local, national, and even international publications and advertisements.

I love being able to be creative each and every day. When I am not working, I like to write music, eat fantastic new food, and travel as much as I possibly can. 

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Earthwalker Media is a videography and photography studio based in Jupiter, Florida and works with clients everywhere. We focus on organic storytelling for small businesses and weddings. 

We create high quality videos and photos to help businesses grow. The data supporting the impact of video content on sales is clear. Video content has incredible potential to develop trust, increase conversions, and ultimately drive profits.


There is an abundant increase in video use in both B2B and B2C communities. This increase illustrates that video is the best medium to compete for consumer time and attention. 

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