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Video Marketing in South Florida


In this stage, we lay all of the groundwork for the videos. We decide on locations, video concepts, the look/feel and style, write scripts if needed, and lock down all other details that are important to us moving into the actual shoot. The more we plan within this stage, the better the videos will become ultimately. This will also allow us as producers to decide on what lenses, audio, and cameras to use during shooting days.


This is where the magic happens. We take all the footage and audio that is shot in the production stage and start developing it into detailed content pieces that are relevant to your target audience. Our ultimate goal is to get engagement from your audience and lead them into a scenario where they have no choice but to deem you the experts, ultimately contacting you for your services. We pride ourselves on getting your edits to you as soon as we can. This way, you can begin implementation immediately.


Here is where the real work gets started. We bring all of our equipment to the shooting locations and create all of our content. This may involve multiple locations for each video and also be comprised of several other components. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver both professional video and photo content to our clients.


Final revisions are almost always made. There may be a few elements in the video that need revising, and we completely understand this. Our goal is to get you the content as close to complete as we can before final revisions begin. Revisions usually do not take a whole week but depending on the changes, complex amendments can take time.


Here at Earthwalker Media, we are creators. We create high quality videos and photos to help businesses grow. The data supporting the impact of video content on sales is clear. Video content has incredible potential to develop trust, increase conversions, and ultimately drive profits. There is an abundant increase in video use in both B2B and B2C communities. This increase illustrates that video is the best medium to compete for consumer time and attention. 

Over the past few years, Earthwalker Media has been in the trenches shooting and editing tons of content for businesses both big and small to become experts on what is working in todays ever-changing market landscape.

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