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We turn business objectives into art.

Your business is the SOLUTION to something in someone's life. Whether you are a service provider, a non-profit, or you are selling a product - being a brand that people can know and trust is extremely important. Being authentically who you are and expressing that to your current clients and future clients will really help you grow and move your business forward.

We have been creating content for businesses since 2014, growing our skills with each project. Here at Earthwalker Media we want to be a creative extension of your business. Our strength is creating professional brand content that can help level up our clients, showcase their unique value, and give them opportunities to grow.



Creating high quality creative content for businesses is where we thrive!

Whether you are updating your website, needing more content to post to your social platforms, or wanting to give your brand a face-lift - we would love to chat and see where we can help!


meet kenrick

My name is Kenrick Mills and I am the owner of Earthwalker Media. 


For the past 9 years I have been creating video and photo content to help businesses sell their products and services more efficiently. 


Earthwalker Media has grown to become a group of creative individuals ranging from videographers, video editors, photo editors, and designers.


There is no denying that content marketing  is a powerful tool in today's market. I have worked for over 100 different companies and have produced hundreds of videos to be implemented into local, national, and even international publications and advertisements.

I love being able to be creative each and every day. When I am not working, I like to write music, eat fantastic new food, and travel as much as I possibly can. 

High quality, creative video production services.



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